Gym Equipment UK - The Grappler Endless Rope Climbing Machine

Used by Gyms and Sports People Throughout the UK

  • Endless rope machine so simple & easy to use
  • Benefits people of ALL ages and abilities
  • Ideal for toning arms, shoulders and torso without using weights. Only exercises your muscles
  • Puts almost no stress on your joints
  • An excellent workout for your heart and lungs
  • Greatly improves cardio-vascular fitness
  • Perfect for rapid weight loss
  • No soreness or muscle damage after use
  • Rapid gains in stamina and strength
  • Enormous benefits during rehabilitation
  • Keep fit and burn calories without using your legs
  • Can be used directly from a wheelchair
  • Excellent for 'warming up' and 'warming down' to remove muscle soreness
  • The Grappler rope climbing machine is very low maintenance
  • The Grappler is built to last in commercial use
  • The Grappler has a small footprint
  • The Grappler requires no electricity
  • Used by gyms throughout the country like JJB, Total Fitness and DW Leisure
  • Used by The Royal Marines, Army Rehab, SAS, The Royal Navy, Fire Stations and Rugby Clubs
  • The perfect resistance training exercise equipment

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The GRAPPLER is superb for:
  • Weight Loss
  • Upper Body Muscle Tone
  • Fitness
  • Strength
  • Rehabilitation
  • Keeping Fit When Injured
You won't believe the workout you get with 'The Grappler'

Used by Ricky Hatton MBE (Professional Boxing), Jonny Wilkinson (Rugby Union), Heinz Ollesch (Germany's Strongest Man), The Royal Marine Commando's, Neil Pickup (Arm Wrestling), Robbie Paul (Rugby League) and many other top sports people ...



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